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The general interest of the Systems Oncology group is to understand how non-tumor cells contribute to tumor initiation, growth and metastasis. More than focusing on specific tumor types, the projects in the group aim in investigating the biological systems that support oncologic disease. For instance, by releasing soluble factors and/or extracellular vesicles, tumor cells can induce phenotypic modifications of stromal cells locally and at future sites of tumor dissemination (also known as pre-metastatic niches), which support tumor growth and metastasis. Extracellular vesicles isolated from liquid biopsies (such as plasma and other body fluids) are emerging as a powerful non-invasive and abundant source of information not only about tumor cells, but also potentially about how non-tumor cells respond/interact with malignant cells. By using animal models of tumor initiation, progression and metastasis, in combination with thorough analysis of extracellular vesicle composition isolated from patients with diverse clinical profiles, we intend to characterize novel cellular and molecular determinants of cancers.


Main Interests

How the exchange of extracellular vesicles, a natural form of communication in the body, can be utilised by cancerous tumors for growth and metastasis


Flow cytometry, Cell culture, Animal models of cancer

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If you are interested in joining our group, please contact Bruno Costa-Silva at the email address bellow.


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Bruno Costa-Silva

Bruno Costa-Silva, PhD

Principal Investigator

Julia Elzanowska

Julia Elzanowska

External PhD Student

Joana Maia

Joana Maia

GABBA PhD Student

Bruna Ferreira

Bruna Ferreira

PhD Student

Ana Gregório

Ana Gregório, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Sérgio Caja Galan

Sérgio Caja Galan, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Sílvia Batista

Sílvia Batista, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Maria Carolina Strano Moraes

Maria Carolina Strano Moraes, PhD

Research Assistant

Cristian Bodo

Cristian Bodo, PhD

Senior Research Tecnician

Vesna Petojevic

Vesna Petojevic

Lab Administrator


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