11 Nov 2019

Postdoctoral fellow (System Neuroscience lab)

Postdoctoral fellow (System Neuroscience lab)
Date: 11 Nov 2019
Location: Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown
Employer: Champalimaud Foundation
Job Type: Full Time
Position: Postdoctoral Positions
Application starts: 11 Nov 2019
Application ends:

About us

The Systems Neuroscience Lab is looking for a Postdoctoral fellow to work on a project aiming to study neural circuit mechanisms involved in the timing of self-initiated actions. This work will be part of a joint effort between experimentalists and theoreticians to collect and analyse a rich and unique dataset. Specifically, electrophysiological recordings from large ensembles of neurons in the thalamo-cortical circuits of foraging mice.

The position involves:
a) Hands on work with mice handling and training in closed loop systems;
b) Stereotaxic surgeries, perfusions and microscopy;
c) Implementation of recording systems to perform Neuropixels recordings in prefrontal cortex and thalamus simultaneously.

The candidate will have the opportunity to learn state of the art behavioral methods and cutting-edge recording techniques from highly experienced colleagues. More info about the lab’s research and team can be found here.

About you


~ PhD in Neuroscience, Cognitive Science, Biology, Experimental Psychology, Engineering or other areas relevant to neurophysiology and animal behavior;
~ Good capacity and value for teamwork and communication skills;
~ Ability to work independently and troubleshoot technical issues;
~ Hands on technical experience in construction and configuration of electronic hardware, ideally in the context of neurophysiology;
~ Experience with animal handling and surgery, ideally stereotaxic surgeries;
~ Fluency in English.


~ Experience with computer programming (e.g. C, Python, MatLab);
~ Experience with other technique widely used in Neuroscience (e.g. optogenetics, calcium imaging, animal behavior experiments, data analysis or modeling);
~ Development at the interface between hardware and software (e.g. Arduino, NI-DAQ, etc.).

More details on the position and how to apply can be found here.